LOMA (Lincoln Open Mike Acoustic) is monthly, on the 2nd Monday (3rd if holiday, closed Jul & Aug), 7 - 10 pm.  Players sign-up there or pre-register at

Location: Lincoln Library's Tarbell room, 3 Bedford Rd, Lincoln, MA (near 5-corner intersection with Trapelo Rd). Admission is FREE.



Dec 6, 2017 (Wed.)  Concord, MA – Main St. Café

From 7:30 to 10:30 pm, I’ll take the stage at the Main Streets Café in a night of music along with the Kenny Selcer Band and Water’s Edge. Excellent food and drink: facebook/events , FREE
Location: Main St. Market & Cafe, 42 Main St., Concord, MA,


Dec 11, 2017 (Mon.)  Lincoln, MA - LOMA

I’ll host the LOMA Open Mike, 7 to 10 pm.  Greg Klyma will feature,


Jan 8, 2018 (Mon.)  Lincoln, MA - LOMA

I’ll host the LOMA Open Mike, 7 to 10 pm.  Kim Moberg will feature,


Jan 12, 2017 (Fri.)  Lincoln, MA – Bemis Hall

From 1:00 to 2:00 pm, I’ll be presenting original songs and songwriting insight at this concert series at the historic Bemis Hall: facebook/events , FREE
Location: Bemis Hall, 15 Bedford Rd, Lincoln, MA,


Feb 12, 2018 (Mon.)  Lincoln, MA - LOMA

I’ll host the LOMA Open Mike, 7 to 10 pm.  Ethan Robbins (from Cold Chocolate) will feature, facebook/ethan.robbins.bluegrass







Rich’s “Semi-Viral” YouTube videos:

Yellow Rubber Ducks  with 87,000+ views, retells the 10 year journey of 29,000 rubber ducks from the mid-Pacific Ocean to the US Atlantic seaboard via the Arctic sea.

Jetman with 8,000+ views, gives homage to Yves Rossy, who flew across the English Channel and more recently over the Grand Canyon using a jet-pack.


Rich’s recent YouTube videos:

Billionaires Get Richer Every Day describes the scene in America under the Trump administration.

Dog Overboard recounts the fortuitous rescue of the dog Chesney from Nantucket Sound after jumping off a ferry.

What Bathroom Should I Use bemoans the plight of discriminated minorities due to North Carolina's HB2 bathroom law.

Till You Went Away is a poignant song performed at the SAMW camp in July 2015 with backing from David Surette and Susie Burke.

Donald Duck Umbrella offers a good-natured take on clutter in our lives and homes,

Fukushima commemorates the 3/11/11 calamity there and some bizarre plans to handle the ongoing damage.

Let My People Go humorously recaps of the Exodus story told in 3 short minutes.

Put The Guns Away makes a heart-felt appeal for gun control.


The LOMA open mike was video recorded in January and the first half including my opener can be accessed via the link, .  The second half, starting with the wonderful feature by Fiske & Herrera, is accessible via


Two other of my recent songs (“Geneva Waltz” and “Forgiveness”) are accessible via the URL,  at around minute 40.  That’s Kenny Selcer on guitar and Brent Clark on bass backing me.


You’ll find some fresh “Idioisms” and a fairly new section on “Whimsical Names”.  I get new additions from readers.  Here’s your chance to contribute your favorites.